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Toni Watson
President & Founder, Apogean Business Compass, Inc.
Previous: Danaher, Eaton, BFGoodrich

A proven leader with Fortune 500 companies, Toni Watson has successfully developed and overseen initiatives that have helped organizations achieve their strategic goals and growth potential. Thanks to her extensive hands-on experience, she has a stellar track record in building strong organizations by transferring skill sets and knowledge, integrating cross-functional activities and implementing strategy execution frameworks. The resulting organizational strength accelerates profitable growth and enables sustainable long-term performance.

Prior to forming Apogean Business Compass, Watson served as an executive in Danaher Corporation, a $19 billion diversified manufacturing and technology company known for superior business processes and outstanding shareholder value. As a member of the acquisition integration team, Watson mastered the ability to lead teams to breakthrough results by transferring knowledge of growth methods and frameworks; mastery which included retaining the talent (and therefore, core business know-how) within the acquisition.

Apogean Business Compass was created over 10 years ago to model and transfer the skills and capabilities for accelerated, profitable growth into client organizations. A 20-year veteran in business development, Watson has served in a variety of executive positions for Danaher, Eaton Corporation, BF Goodrich and Busak+Shamban. Leveraging her executive experience and the real-world experiences of Apogean’s peer-advisors, Apogean is proficient in leading all phases of identifying business opportunities, executing to capitalize upon them and stabilizing the growth into daily management routines. 

Christopher C. Carnahan
Director Quality Assurance, Abbott
Previous: Abbott Diagnostics, Eaton, Crane

As an executive with Fortune 500 companies, Chris Carnahan uses his technical and leadership skills to create competitive advantages via cost effective, customer-focused programs from inception to sustainability. He is accomplished in organizing supply chains, operations, information technology systems and aftermarket service, using an integrated cross-functional approach. The models Carnahan has developed to deliver quality through the distribution channel to the end-user have received national recognition in numerous industry conferences.

Within Abbott, a $22 billion corporation, Carnahan has been instrumental as a frequent industry conference presenter who establishes forums that help develop awareness and the ability to influence industry performance in strategic sourcing and FDA compliance. Prior to joining Abbott, he served in various managerial positions with Eaton Corporation and Crane Company.

With extensive expertise in strategic planning, operations management, complete supply chain management and the identification of end-user value, Carnahan brings a wealth of real-world implementation insight as a peer-advisor to clients of Apogean Business Compass.

Patricia M. Bellace, MSOD, Ph.D.
Vice President, Human Resources, Health Design Plus
Previous: Danaher, Tandy Corp.

A cutting-edge thinker, Pat Bellace is adept at helping organizations evolve their structure, roles, and capabilities to more fully realize their Strategic Vision. Bellace is nationally recognized for her expertise in strategic organizational design and road-mapping talent development.

As an executive at Fortune 500 companies, (most recently Danaher), Bellace created the architecture to rapidly improve performance and productivity across entire business units. In over 20 years of senior level Human Resource management, she has proven her effectiveness across a wide variety of sectors including retail, industrial and healthcare.

With keen sensitivity to the drivers of sustainable performance and behavior, Bellace brings finely honed insights as a peer-advisor to clients of Apogean Business Compass.

Tolly Allen, ABD, Master Black Belt
Director of Quality and Process Improvement, NextEra Energy – unit of NextEra Energy Resources (formally: Florida Power & Light)
Previous: GE; West Point, U.S. Army; Lubrizol; The George Group

Tolly Allen leverages an outstanding academic, military and corporate background in advancing corporations’ applications of process design and Lean Six Sigma. As an executive with a major utility, Allen combines his past experience with companies such as GE and Lubrizol as well as the US Army, to evolve Lean Six Sigma programs beyond traditional cost-savings objectives to create and deliver new capabilities for accelerated growth in achievement of strategic plans.

Allen’s robust professional background in sales, business development, all facets of global supply chain management and operational process design, enables an integrated approach to his cutting-edge advances in process improvement practices. Additionally, Allen brings these advances forward with an architectural design that further benefits organizations by developing future leadership and repatriating them into high-level line positions within business units.

As a doctoral candidate at the University of Washington, Allen specialized in Labor Economics and Industrial Organization. He was awarded the Rachel Storer Prize for Excellence in Labor Economics in 1994 and subsequently served as a professor at the US Military Academy at West Point. As a peer-advisor for Apogean’s clients, Allen provides valuable opportunities for benchmarking and exchanges on the evolution of organizational capabilities.

Thomas G. Casbon, CGMA
Specialty Consultant – Interim CFO
Previous: Danaher, Justin, G7 Solutions, Arthur Young, Tatum LLC

As a CFO on the executive team within subsidiaries of Fortune 500 companies, Tom Casbon has combined his sophisticated financial expertise and business leadership to reinvent businesses for stronger, sustainable performance. He is skilled in turnarounds and acquisitions, Lean business processes and targeted reinvestment for superior ROI. The robust approach that Casbon has developed for cross-functional achievement of the business case establishes him as an effective, collaborative member on executive teams.

Tom provides a specialty practice of project-based, interim CFO roles proving invaluable in helping private equity groups, entrepreneurs and corporations structure investment and business processes to reliably accomplish business plans. Prior to creating his specialty practice, Tom served in CFO posts with Danaher, Justin Industries and G7 Solutions as well as in audit assignments with Arthur Young & Company.

Casbon’s robust experience in strategically positioning a business for sustainable financial performance extends an effective resource and practical approach as a peer-advisor to clients of Apogean Business Compass.

Raymond C. Pittock
President, Dynamic Design Formula, Inc.
Previous: Drake Beam Morin, Fox-Morris, International Career Continuation

A well respected career development consultant, Raymond Pittock has helped orchestrate the development of Fortune 500 corporations. His private executive coaching and angel investment firm cultivates leaders who positively impact the corporate organizations they lead.
Prior to forming Dynamic Design Formula, Pittock served in executive capacities with Drake Beam Morin, Inc., Fox-Morris and International Career Continuation, Inc. His insights into corporate leadership were further enhanced by his experience in launching start-up companies including Mid-American Financial Group and the integrated medical solutions provider, Healthy Lifestyle Options.

As a peer-advisor for Apogean’s clients, Pittock offers perspective and insight on the evolving role of corporate leadership and teams.

Anne Gallagher, APR
Expertise in marketing communications and public relations

A seasoned communication and accredited public relations professional, Anne Gallagher brings more than 20 years of experience to Apogean. Anne works directly with Apogean clients to chronicle their successes in documented Case Histories.

Anne has successfully operated Gallagher Communications for over 20 years serving Apogean along with other segment leaders such as Cleveland Clinic, Oberlin College, Hilton Hotel franchises and Penton Publishing. Earlier, she served as communications manager for Chessie System Railroads (a Fortune 500 company), public affairs manager for South Pointe Hospital and magazine editor at Penton Publishing.

Larry Watson, BS, MS, Ed.S.
Expertise in adaptive learning styles, behavioral drivers and behavior modification

A licensed educator, counselor and psychologist, Larry Watson extends over 25 years of experience to Apogean. Larry began his career as a classroom educator expanding into counseling and then, psychology to formulate a deep understanding of and robust approach to the processes of knowledge transfer.

Larry is a psychologist with the Copley-Fairlawn School District which received the “Excellence with Distinction” rating from the Ohio Department of Education which is the highest possible rating awarded. Additionally, Larry practices privately with the 5-member group of Dr. Doug Cole & Associates.

Sarah Koebley, ABD
Expertise in curriculum design and application-based learning

A progressive curriculum specialist, Sarah Koebley brings over 20 years of experience to Apogean. Sarah began her career as an internal corporate trainer with Siemens and progressed to academic settings.

Most recently, Sarah served as Curriculum Coordinator of Math & Science for the Hudson City School District which is rated in the Top 1% of Ohio schools and Top 3% Nationally for Advanced Placement curriculum. Presently, Sarah is teaching college classes while completing her Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction at Kent State University’s College of Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Studies.