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Service Solutions

Superior Profits through Tailored Integrated Supply Partnerships

...capitalizing on fixing your Customer’s inefficiencies

Today, suppliers are commonly expected to provide reliable product quality in a delivery format that fits how the specific customer can most effectively receive product into its operations. To gain a competitive advantage from superior service, a supplier must profitably differentiate itself yet again.

Tailored Integrated Supply Partnerships (TISP) is such a differentiator. Suppliers that can enable customers to be more efficient and function more smoothly enjoy a better relationship. TISP is a set of customized services created by a supplier who can recognize inefficiencies in the customer organization and assume profitable responsibility for correcting them and administrating the new solution. Essentially, the customer delegates the authority for some of its business processes to the supplier.

The elimination of the costs of such inefficiencies in the customer’s organization funds the supplier’s compensation for providing and managing the solution. As suppliers learn to profitably assume a customer’s business processes, they enjoy greater profit levels for the same volume of shipped parts. Additionally, the more closely intertwined relationship creates a protective barrier to replacing the supplier.

Skill sets developed in the TISP training program:
  • The ability to recognize inefficiencies
  • Design the correction to the inefficiencies
  • Determine net cost savings afforded by eliminating the inefficiencies
  • How to negotiate the savings into the selling prices.