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Apogean brings its clients a real-world, experience-based approach to acquisition integration. The approach is derived from World Class practices successfully proven in a variety of corporate environments including “the best-run conglomerate in America.” (see footnote)

Apogean’s approach encompasses the models, frameworks and lessons learned over more than a decade of practitioner experience and benchmarking study.

Working with your team, we develop your organization’s capability to retain/leverage/scale the value-creating facets of an acquisition. We work to fully develop a sustainable acquisition integration capability within your team. Our goal is beyond achieving the ROI goals of a single engagement; we want to leave your team stronger and more independent in successfully addressing future acquisitions as well.

Apogean APPROACH: Shoulder-to-shoulder engagement style to develop internal talent & sustainable capability

Footnote: Business Week, “A Dynamo Called Danaher” 19 Feb 07