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Curriculum Licenses

Apogean makes its curriculum materials and training know-how available to clients in a licensed format.

Apogean’s Training & Licensing Method: Assuring Mastery & Knowledge Transfer

Currently available curriculums:


  • Continuous Improvement - Prerequisite Toolkit
  • Discerning the Voice of the Customer
  • Understanding Roles & Responsibilities
  • Marketing Toolkit for Competitive Positioning
  • Teamwork Dynamics: building effective team players
  • Frontline Tools for Error Reduction


  • Downstream Channel Management for Value Selling
  • Facilitation - Action Plan Design and Governance
  • Transactional Lean
  • New Leader Roadmap
  • Negotiation Strategy for Boundaryless Suppliers
  • Leader’s Guide for Capability Development: from creation to audited stabilization


  • Policy Deployment: teaching and coaching for successful application
  • Tailored Integrated Supply Partnerships®
  • Elevating Business Acumen: coaching beyond silo expertise
  • Strategic Marketing: discerning profitable opportunities