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Achieve Higher Value from Business Processes & IT Requests

...matching User’s requests to End-User’s responsibilities

Apogean works with your team to convey the tools to link User’s requests more fully to the downstream End-User’s needs for knowledge.  Simplified models enable silo experts to bring forward a higher level of business acumen in addressing the organization’s information and knowledge requirements.  Apogean delivers project-based training to immediately demonstrate and apply the success of this approach in your business.

Worth noting: IT resources often suffer from the symptoms generated from poorly designed or misunderstood business processes.  Valuable IT time and resources are frequently wasted in scope creep and shifting directions from User groups.  The long-term benefit to your information management projects is the ability to create business processes of higher value and generate a longer useful life for IT efforts.
Apogean's Training Method: Linking End-User Responsibility to Information Design